About us

The Harris Family Foundation focuses on youth at risk, medical research, disability, homelessness, conservation, animal welfare and the environment.

Who we are.

The Harris Family Foundation was established to manage the philanthropic pursuits of the broader Harris family. The foundation forms a centralised point to deliver on the Harris’ giving vision, in a consistent and professional framework.

Since 2001 the Harris Family has donated in excess of $35 million to charitable causes.

What we do.

The family has a long standing passion for investing back into the Australian community with philanthropic giving focused on health and medical research, disability, troubled youth, homelessness, conservation, animals and the environment.

The Harris Family Foundation seeks to add value to the community by providing support to projects and activities that seek to redress disadvantage, inequity and vulnerability and which encourage social inclusion and self-determination.

STREAT super-powers young people and gives them amazing support and opportunities. The Harris family does exactly the same for us.

Rebecca Scott, OAM, STREAT Co-founder and CEO

Our Mission

Our purpose is to tackle disadvantage and inequality while enabling social inclusion, self-determination and possibility in life.

To that end the Harris Family Foundation supports projects focused on helping youth at risk, alleviating homelessness, empowering people living with a disability, equitable health and medical research and supporting animal welfare and the environment.


The Harris Family Foundation has a corporate trustee with the following directors:

  • Brad Harris (Chair)
  • Alicia Bresolin
  • Caitlin Harris
  • Tabitha Lovett (Secretariat)

Key Advisors

Key Advisers to the Directors are:

  • Belay Advisory
  • Harris Capital Investment Committee